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Energy Healing

Intuition is a knowledge that exists within us, an unconscious wisdom, an inner voice that overrides any form of rational thinking and although not everyone knows how to use it, it plays a fundamental role in Healing.

Intuitive Energy Healing is based on some of the traditional techniques combined with intuition and love.

The results are amazing!

Cura Reconectiva
Reiki and energy


The energy exists and there is no doubt about it. The whole universe is energy, our body radiates and feeds on energy...

Reiki is often interpreted as being more than an alternative therapy as it can also be seen as a spiritual journey or a way of life.



ThetaHealing is an energetic healing technique that identifies and releases the beliefs and patterns that keep you from being happy.

Through this simple tool that is the brain wave Theta the therapist connects and connects you also to the ultimate plan, to the Creator of All That Is. Here everything is possible, you can heal, forgive, balance yourself, living in an abundant, healthy and complete way.

Ana Bento
Ana Bento


When we suddenly discover that life is not just about eating, drinking, work and sex, everything changes for the better. Much better.

"Let it happen, let it flow." - that's what I've heard the most in recent times. I did!

Ana Bento Terapias
Mulher feliz

...we have to schedule a new session. I reiterate that our session was fundamental for me to find my peace of mind and feel better about myself. When I left our session I felt that it would not be the last time and that there is much more to explore."






Ribatejo - Portugal

Phone: (+351) 919 807 660

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