Intuitive Energy Healing is the most complete healing you can do, in which intuition is always used as a guide, since it is our truth and our greatest wisdom.

It is a healing technique that involves all the chakras of the human body, the whole energetic field, including the auric field, promoting total balance.

A complete connection is made to the energy of Mother Earth and to Universal Intelligence as this union is absolutely essential for our well-being and for changing our frequency.

The role of the therapist is to "open the door" to the connection with the Earth and the Universe. The therapist  is not responsible for the healing since this healing is being received directly from God, the Source, the Light, the Creator.

Various beliefs and blockages are eliminated as well as some necessary abilities are added so that the day-to-day life of the person is fluid, whether in affective life, work, health or emotional issues. That is, everything that is necessary for life to change definitively because Healing is Change.

The effects and benefits are immediate and contrary to the "snowball" effect, in this case a whole "wollen ball" unfolds and all problems are solved because in fact everything is connected.

The number of sessions varies from person to person. Sometimes one session is enough, other times two or three sessions are necessary.

After the session it is possible to observe what begins to change. It can be physical, mental or emotional. It can be a relationship that has become easier, a challenge at work that has been solved, or achieving something for which you have fought all your life. Each person will receive what is most suitable for them.


The healing will be unique, but there will always be a regeneration and a total re-balancing to the deeper levels, recovering the connection to your essence and your truth.



Intuition is a knowledge that exists within us, an unconscious wisdom, an inner voice that overrides any form of rational thinking and although not everyone knows how to use it, it plays a fundamental role in Healing.

Intuitive Energy Healing is based on some of the traditional techniques combined with intuition and love.

The results are amazing!


mulher de riso

"Hello Ana, just to tell you that the pain I had yesterday before the session, has disappeared.


Thank you and I hope that the Universe will illuminate your life today and always, for your service to others. "


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