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Healing through the hands has been going on for thousands of years and nearly all of us have heard of it in some form whether it be because Jesus was doing it or we are familiar with techniques like Reiki or simply because we do it intuitively when we place our hands on ourselves in a moment when we hurt ourselves.

Intuitive Energy Healing is the most complete healing you can do, where intuition is always used as a guide as it is our truth and our greater wisdom.

It is a healing technique through the hands and with it you make a complete connection with the energy of Mother Earth and Universal Intelligence because this union is absolutely essential for the well-being and for changing our frequency.


Imagine you are a puppet and the hand that holds the strings is the Universe. Sometimes the strings break and that is when our problems arise, be they physical, emotional or psychological.

What is done in Intuitive Energetic Healing is, after identifying where the strings are broken, to reunite and reconnect these strings. Sometimes they are broken right next to the body or have been broken very recently, sometimes they are broken far away from the physical body.

This healing is done with the hands only, without any touch and then the connection of all the broken strings is re-established.


Various beliefs and blockages are eliminated as well as the necessary abilities are added so that the person's daily life is fluid, both in their affective life, at work, in health, in emotional issues and there is also a physical healing, when this is the case, where the results are quite evident. That is, all that is necessary for life to change definitively because Healing is Change.


The healing will be unique, but there will always be regeneration and a total rebalancing at the deepest levels, recovering the connection to your essence.



Intuition is a knowledge that exists within us, an unconscious wisdom, an inner voice that overrides any form of rational thinking and although not everyone knows how to use it, it plays a fundamental role in Healing.

Intuitive Energy Healing is based on everything I know and have learnt, in this and other lives, also combining intuition and a lot of love. 
It is therefore unique. 

The results are amazing!


mulher de riso

"Hello Ana, just to tell you that the pain I had yesterday before the session, has disappeared.


Thank you and I hope that the Universe will illuminate your life today and always, for your service to others. "


Lisbon - Portugal

Phone: (+351) 919 807 660

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