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Intuitive Energy Healing



......all done with much Love!

My story



When we suddenly discover that life is not just about eating, drinking, work and sex, everything changes for the better. Much better.

"Let it happen, let it flow." - that's what I've heard the most in recent times. I did!

I was born on a hot August day just after the sun came into Virgo and under the energies of the "Prague Spring", the famous May 68 and the madness of Woodstock. Very skeptical throughout my years of rebel youth, I only really believed in what I saw. I grew up, and over the years everything changed and I began to believe. Believe in me, in an intelligent universe that shows us the way and that the way must be done without fear. Today I know that I am a part of that universe but I also know that I am unique, that I am energy, that I am light.

And after all, who isn't?


Lisbon - Portugal

Phone: (+351) 919 807 660

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