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Reiki and Energy

The energy exists and there is no doubt about it. The whole universe is energy, our body radiates and feeds on energy.

"Rei" means universal energy while "Ki" is the individual vital energy that the body produces and feeds on. Ki is also the essential energy of the Earth, of the planets, of the stars, of everything that has life. Upon receiving a Reiki initiation, the initiate receives an increase in this vital energy and connects to the Source of all Ki. Reiki is often interpreted as being more than an alternative therapy as it can also be seen as a spiritual journey or a way of life. Our energy exchanges with the Universe are made through energy points that exist throughout our body, the Chakras.

The energy enters the Crown chakra at the top of the head and descends through the other chakras to the Heart chakra and then out through the Hand chakras. It also enters through the Root chakra, going up through the other chakras to the Heart chakra and then out again through the Hand chakras. Reiki thus allows a complete energetic balance and allows us to do this to ourselves and to others.

In Reiki treatments, our personal energy is not used as it is only the energy of the Universe that is channeled. Reiki acts as a whole and treats the problem from the root, be it physical or emotional, preventing the problem from reappearing.

Some advantages of Reiki:


  • Increased personal Energy

  • Elimination of blockages

  • Revitalization of the immune system

  • Detoxification

  • Decreased stress

  • Freedom from emotions

  • Deep relaxation

  • Intuition development

 Reiki can be used to treat:

  •   Panic

  •   Anxiety

  •   Phobias

  •   Depression

  •   Insomnia

  •   General physical pain

  •   Weight loss

  •   Eating disorders

This therapy can be used on all beings, adults, children, babies, pregnant women and even animals and plants.  

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